Hitting the ground running …

and then splatting on your face!

So, I took my 9 days at the beach and came back ready to hit the ground running.

I’d taken the down time to do a bit of processing, networking, making plans and ideas and came back ready to have it all happen. I was ready, willing and able.

I woke up Sunday after driving 7 hours and was really energized. Ready to go … by Thursday I was lethargic. LOL.

As they say  … sometimes the best laid plans …

Here it is Friday and I’m scrambling just like I was before I left. I had plans to get it together and I knew it was going to be a bit of an adjustment. However, I thought that I had it set up so that my adjustment would be me shifting differently, not doing the same ol’ same ol’.

So, I am breathing. Deep breaths. Stepping back, checking out and making a list … then diving back in.

Plan C is coming into play.  Because, I’m ready.

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Facebook Reviews & Faerie Made



Well, I finally added the section on my page for reviews. It requires a street address and since I’m still on my property and not a store front I haven’t been able to do a review.

Then I realized that I am off Haywood Road in West Asheville and that’s close enough! I mean, I’m web based, I’m wholesale, I do markets. I am everywhere I can be, except I don’t have a store front. (and it would be hard to have a store front since I have a herd of puppers).

I hope folks will start providing some reviews of the line. So, if you love Faerie Made and are on Facebook, gimme a shout!


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It is my last day of vacation.

I’m packing up and about to head back home in an hour or so. I’ve enjoyed my space I’ve occupied for my office this past week.


I thought I’d throw out a quick blog post because I’ve been able to do so. I think vacations are good and healthy. I really need to get away from home and the biz so I can ground and focus on the things I need to do.

I found myself the last day or so a bit stressed because I was having to get things taken care of in a piecemeal way with my Faerie Made. I was having to ask for help which is something I HATE DOING. I actually had someone say that maybe I shouldn’t go away more than one time a year because I was stressed.

Uh … hmm … boy that ticked me off. I am already a guilt sponge when I do something nice for myself … yeah, I was stressed at the moment.


Wholesale customers who aren’t paying on time making my checking account seriously low, retail customers not being served because of automobile issues (my son’s vehicle’s transmission went out and we weren’t able to get product to market) … me having to make decisions from miles away via text and iphone while sitting on the beach with iffy service. (Yay for sitting on the beach!) I had plans in place to take care of things while gone. Shizzle happens. Shizzle could have happened if I was there.

Having a business and being a homeschooling mama who is loved by a pack of dogs and a cat with the weight of the world on her shoulders can be challenging. I love my life, but I have a lot on my plate. So I realized that getting away is a good thing. It is healthy.

I did decide during my brain down time that I want to keep on keepin’ on, but it’s time to do that and a bit more. To have a bit more help on the production end. To figure out where to get the money. To let go of the control of it all. To show someone how to pack, ship orders, process cards etc so that when I do go away things don’t shut down. ya know have an even better back up plan. Or two. Maybe three.

And keep up with my talent for switching gears and still making it happen. Having that down time was beneficial. I am clearer as to what I want and need to do. With my life and my business.

Now, I am doing the laundry, packing up the food we have left, and then loading up the car and heading back home.



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Celebrate! 25% off your order

To celebrate being chosen Best Body Care Producer in WNC in the Mountain Xpress, I am running a 25% off sale this weekend!

So click here:





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WNC Best of 2014

Well I just won the first place local body products maker in the personal services category in the 2014 Mountain Xpress best of!

I did not know they had this category this year so for me it makes it all the better. My customers voted for me, they believed in me, I didn’t ask. Yet I won.

This has really made me feel happy and honored and has given me so much energy and drive to get back and get on and keep on with the keeping on.

I’m so happy right now.


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Blogging, Beach style and Business.

My brain is starting to decompress and now I’m starting to get excited. I’m ready to get back home in a few days and begin the next phase of Faerie Made. I have been doing some planning and what to do regarding the business. Kick up wholesale and I want to focus on limited-edition soaps and other products (but I know I have to continue my regular line.)

But I have come up with another soap scent. I’m working on a few more. I spent hours yesterday in brain mode. this is what I love to do and it’s what keeps me rejuvenated in my business.

I am realizing one of the things that keeps me running behind is keeping up with packaging. Products have to be packaged and labeled in order to be sent out the door. I like to shrinkwrap. I find it relaxing. It’s something I can do and watch movies on Netflix. But I really need to have somebody else doing that more often. Like all the time.

Yes, I know I need to delegate. I plan on it. I do it. I need to do it more. Then I hope to get in there and make lotions and finalize that hair conditioner. And soap. Different ones.

this will also ease matters for me to do more marketing get caught up on that ever ongoing horrible paperwork pileof mine and really start moving forward.

I have good things going on all the time. Faerie Made is a really big part of that.

Need to own it and honor it as we are going into 12 years.


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My soap names in print


It was cool reading my soap names mentioned in this novel One Mountain Away by Emilie Richards set in Asheville.

You can get the book here. My copy is on my kindle.



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It’s Raining Here … But …

That is okay.

I brought my old Macbook so I could actually do a bit of work. It’s now Monday and I haven’t worked much.

I have read, swam in the ocean, slept well, walked a lot and spent time with my daughter, my cousin who I haven’t seen in over 2 decades (!) and her grand daughter. I’ve had a wonderful time.

Today it is raining. So, I have taken my relaxed and refreshed brain and started thinking about some new scent blends for soaps. I found a file I had saved from years and years ago with at least 1000 blends on there. It gives me inspiration.

So I am thinking about new blends for fall, winter and fun.

I’m thinking of a blend to make me think of a boarding house in the early twentieth century. Immediately I’m leaning towards a citrus and  bitter almond  blend.  I need to get back, take a pic and post my Calendula Castile.

I’m excited, relaxed, happy. Feeling creative. I can’t wait to get back, make my same ol’ same ol’ and then get busy soaping some new blends.


lye soap

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Judging a book by it’s cover.

I did it and I’m sad.

For years I’ve been wanting to purchase a series of books … well the first one and then I realized that there is a series and it made me want them even more. I’m a historical fiction nerd … not the bodice rippers per se (except the Diana Gabaldon series of Outlander). I really love reading fiction based in paleolithic, neolithic, early britain, gaul, etc … etc. Currently I’m on a Saxon/Nordic binge.

So, this series began because I saw the coolest book cover. I read the jacket sleeve. It was a book about Maeve (best name ever), the Magdalen. I’ve always loved the premise that Mary Magdalen was a pagan priestess from the Celtic Isles and lover of Jesus. It just seems a bit too cool for school. There have been several books written addressing this.

However,  I feel that historically she was a wealthy follower, not a wife or lover of Jesus who’d never left the desert lands where he lived and taught.

So, this cover seen in an independent book store in town made me want that book. I had it on my personal wish list for years and years.

Mary Mag cover-14-2x3in-300dpi

So, now that there are four books, I had to have them. And I started with the prequel.

MagdalenRising_BkAwesome cover, eh?

I started it the other day. And then put it up and started another.

It wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I wanted it to tell the story and be serious. And it isn’t. It didn’t do what I wanted it to do.

Ms. Cunningham does a lot of anachronism in this work.

Instead of chanting or singing, women are doing Rap.

Marching to “Hup Two Three Four”

I got over it fast. It wasn’t how I wanted the story to be told. I haz a sad.

I may return to it later, but right now I’m pouting.

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Sea Spa kicked up a notch

Sea Spa has been a favorite for years. I decided that I wanted to kick it up a notch. So to the beautiful so full of Dead Sea mud I added activated bamboo charcoal and then decided to accent it with a layer of pretty white on top.

I’m pleased. How about you?


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