Sale at Faerie Made!

Busy Times here at Faerie Made!

Not only are we heavy into production, I am also working on new products for 2015 (and if I can get a chance … by the end of 2014.)


We are starting to head into the holidays and I’m going to be hitting up as many markets and doing a few select shows in addition to making more products, shipping orders and filling wholesale.

Every Saturday through December 20th we will be set up at Asheville City Market from 10-12:30 on S. Charlotte Street and also at the North Asheville Holiday Bazaar from 12-3 on the campus of UNC-Asheville.

Tuesdays you can find Faerie Made at the West Asheville Tailgate Holiday Market at the Mothlight on Haywood from 2:30-5:30 across from our regular location!

Next Sunday is the Big Crafty at Pack Place from 11-6. This is a wonderful show filled with tons of crafts from the areas best (and Moi!)

Today I will begin by offering you Faerie Made’s Escape The Big Store Shopping Craze Sale … you can shop online and support small business right here and right now and save 15% off selected soaps and body care (like our 6 and 12 month soap subscriptions!)

And yes,  YULE is BACK!
Our limited edition soap for winter is our Yule.

I’ve added our Winter perfume to the site for the holidays for $18 for .25 oz and also have all three of our seasonal perfumes available in 1/2 oz sizes for $30.  You can find them here!

Lotions are in stock and ready to go!. I’ve not offered these for a while and they’re absolutely amazing. Unrefined shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, rice bran and pure essential oils … your choice of Lemon or Lavender.

This sale is good through 12/7.

Thanks for supporting small businesses!

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Perfume Sprays … again

IMG_2113.JPGSo, a few years ago I had issyoos with my perfume sprays malfunctioning. I decided to switch it up and go with roll on bottles.  Same size packaging, same product, but instead of a spritz, it was roll on. I thought it a good idea at the time and so we (ahem) rolled with it.

Fast forward to 2014. I have had a real problem with the fitments for my roll ons. First, many weren’t rolling at all and the perfumes weren’t coming out. THEN the fitments started breaking and breaking and breaking.

Can I get a grrrr?

So here we are … back to sprays.

I’m cautiously optimistic!



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My Hoosier Cabinet Re-Do

So, I had access to a Hoosier cabinet back when I was married. It was his grandfather’s and when we split up he took it back (which is fair)

Recently he told me I should have it because he had it stored in his parent’s shed and it was getting pretty messed up. And it was. I picked it up in Virginia last July and it sat on my front porch.

A few weeks ago I decided to conquer this unhappy piece of furniture.

It was filthy and care worn and the hardware was rusty. but all original.

so I cleaned the cabinet with tsp, soaked the hardware in a rust remover and scrubbed and cleaned. Then primered and painted

15527423691_88d1cce2d1_z.jpgA bit of affordable xoxoxox for my kitchen  2014 by faerie made, on Flickr


15405151907_dc9fc021cb_z.jpgMy project. Fix up this poor Hoosier cabinet. Scrub down, primer and paint. Taking before pics. by faerie made, on Flickr


15588494721_cb8e220c3b_z.jpgRusty hardware. Whew by faerie made, on Flickr


14970409734_3ed827efd0_z.jpgElbow grease and some rust be gone stuff and these handles and latches look much better. Running out of daylight so not going to be able up start paintings the Hoosier cabinet  yet by faerie made, on Flickr


15405543790_afd86197e3_z.jpgWoohoo! Painted the wall in the kitchen and now the Hoosier cabinet is in da house! Next up is to paint rest of kitchen! by faerie made, on Flickr


14970408344_e801b226c8_z.jpgWoohoo! Painted the wall in the kitchen and now the Hoosier cabinet is in da house! Next up is to paint rest of kitchen! by faerie made, on Flickr

Now I’m painting the rest of the kitchen.  (note the dogs in the background of last picture :) )

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Happy Birthday! Sale at Faerie Made

Happy September & Happy Birthday!

I just realized that this is our Birthday Month and I’ve been remiss in sending out a celebratory newsletter.
It’s been busy here at Faerie Made this year and time slipped by. Sorry!

Happy Birthday to Faerie Made! We’re now into our 12th year and still keeping on keepin’ on … What an adventure!

To celebrate this I am running a $25% off sale on our website through September 21 with free shipping on all orders over $50.

This year had us winning Mountain Xpress Best Personal Care Products for WNC thanks to everyone and I hope we keep on pleasing everyone and keep being #1!

I’ve been selling to a few stores since the beginning and it’s been wonderful to watch them grow as we have. For example: French Broad Food Coop is expanding, Hendersonville Community Coop is adding more of our line (they said we are their top selling local line in HBC) … Hot Springs Spa’s number one spa treatment uses our Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub.

We just picked up the two Asheville Earth Fares and they are already placing regular reorders. They’ve had folks coming in requesting our products and so now we can be found there.

Online and out of state wholesale accounts and at markets & festivals, it’s just been wonderful. I have retail customers who have ordered for years I recognize their names. It gives me fuzzies :) seriously. Some of my favorite experiences are customers who come to market and introduce themselves and are those who have been purchasing online or elsewhere for years.

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Repetitive Motion Issyoos

I’ve been busy lately. I have been making soap, body care, perfumes, packaging, labeling and all that fun stuff.

As a result my wrists are blown out. Yep, a bit of maybe carpal tunnel or something. All I know is that I can’t open my hands well, I’m hurting all the way up to my ditch in my elbows.

It sucks. I am doing stretching, lots of breaks, minimal online interaction (not typing as much) and using my Arnica Balm, getting massages to my hands and wrists and trying to rest. I’m recruiting help.

So, please bear with me as I try to protect my body so I can continue with my livelihood. I’m slow, but I’m doing the best I can.

Bummer part? I have new shears coming so I can work on my grooming skillz on my Standard Poodles, but I just don’t think my hands will be able to do so. So, I guess they’ll all be shaved down :(

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This Weekend

I can’t believe it, but I won’t be at market this weekend for Labor Day!!

I won’t be there, but Zac will be set up in my stead at North Asheville Tailgate and Josh & Alyssa will be vending at the Asheville City Market.

So Faerie Made will be represented.

It’s been a long time since I have not vended on Labor Day weekend.

I am going to be at a dog show in Georgia with my Fleur puppy!

I’ve been running around getting everything set up to go … Supplies are ordered, soaps are made, market set up is packed … and I’m loading up the car for me.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Swing by and say hi to my guys for me!



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A little Led Zeppelin for your listening pleasure

One of my all time favorite bands … I just watched series finale of True Blood and they played a Led Zeppelin song …

and it got me in the mood. So now I am listening to this compilation LOUD! (sorry neighbors!)



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Great Deal at the Next Two West Asheville Tailgate Markets!

Posted on the West Asheville Tailgate Market Facebook Page:


You’ve asked… And we are excited to deliver: FREE TOKENS!

That’s right! Our Credit Card & EBT machine is back! For the next two markets you will receive a $5 token for every swipe over $10!

One token per customer please. For a limited time only.

See you there!

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12 Silicone Myths Exploded |

12 Silicone Myths Exploded |

I do love using silicones in my hair and on my skin. It gets a bad rap, but it really is nice. I use cyclomethicone in my facial elixir and in my lotions. If I ever get my hair care line finalized I will use them in there too. I like them.

Anyway, this is a good article regarding silicone myths.

12 Silicone Myths Exploded
By: Rebecca Gadberry

Posted: July 31, 2014, from the August 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

Silicones are among the latest ingredients clients love to hate. From health concerns to worries about environmental safety, silicones have been hung with a black shroud since the early 1990s when breast implants were first connected to womens health issues. Since that time, silicone technology has been expanded, making this family of chemicals among the most used in the modern world. Even so, this doesnt mean silicones are safe. So here are some facts and a little basic chemistry to help clear up the mythology now being spun about silicones.

Myth No. 1: Silicone is the name of an ingredient.

Silicones are a family of chemicals known as a class. No ingredient on its own is named silicone, which means you should never see silicone in the ingredient list of a product. Chemical classes share common traits. In this case, silicones are a class of polymersmolecules made of one or more (poly) repeating units (mers), usually put together in a straight line like the vertebrae that form your spine. In the case of silicones, units are made of two basic elements linked together: silicon and oxygen. This is written chemically as SiO. When theyre linked together to form a silicone, the SiO polymer is the backbone onto which other molecules can be attached, allowing for a variety of applications, functions, textures and benefits.

Due to the enormous variety of compounds that can be developed from silicones, they are among the most used family of materials in the world. Youll find them in pharmaceuticals; medical supplies and equipment; automotive; aviation; astronomy; foods; beverages; biotech; construction; appliances; plumbing; paints; textiles; and toys. From 20062008, more than 6,000 patents were granted in the United States for innovative, never-before-seen silicones for use in cosmetics.1 These new silicones make serums silkier; give lotions and skin a satin and flawless finish; make BB and CC creams possible; minimize pores and wrinkles; reduce or eliminate irritation from sunscreens; and act as launchpads from which key performance ingredients can penetrate the skin. All in all, silicones have added new dimensions to skin care that make products more effective and more fun to use.

Myth No. 2: Silicones are harming the ozone layer.

Chloroflurocarbons (CFCs) are the chemicals harming the ozone layer, not silicones. Chlorine gas disrupts ozone formation in the Earths upper atmosphere, which is often described as harming the ozone layer. Silicones do not contain chlorine, which means they cant contribute to this disruption.

Myth No. 3: Silicones in cosmetics cause rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, scleroderma, chronic fatigue and cancer.

Applied topically, as they are in skin care, silicones are too large to penetrate the skin, so they cannot cause or worsen these conditions. However, concerns about silicone safety did not come from their use in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or even wound care, where there is no skin to act as a barrier. They arose from silicone gel-filled breast implants. In fact, these concerns underlay the U.S. Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) 1992 decision to place a moratorium on silicone gel breast implants due to inadequate safety and effectiveness data from the implant manufacturers. Later that decade, the FDA again allowed silicone gel-filled breast implants, but only for reconstruction and revision patients. It wasnt until 2006, after years of safety studies, that the FDA completely lifted the moratorium, and silicone gel-filled breast implants again became available for everyone.

Myth No. 4: Silicones are not biodegradable
Although silicones arent biodegradable in the traditional sense, they do degrade in the environment, where they break down into water, silicic acid and carbon dioxide. The degradation trigger for low molecular-weight silicones, such as cyclopentasiloxane, is sunlight and oxygen, but heavier weight silicones arent susceptible to UV, oxidation or ozone for that matter. They adsorb to sludge in wastewater treatment plants, where they are incinerated, entombed in landfills, or spread on golf courses, woodlands and agricultural fields as fertilizer. When deposited over soil, mineral clays act as a catalyst to undo the silicones polymer backbone. This can take weeks to years if the soil remains wet, but if the soil dries, it can take only days. Testing of soil treated with high levels of silicones showed no soil microorganisms are harmed in this process nor is plant growth affected.2

Myth No. 5: Silicones cause irritation.

Silicones dont irritate the skin. They actually lower or eliminate irritation because they cause ingredients to spread evenly during application, which prevents pocketing and minimizes percentages of potentially irritating forms of cosmetic and drug ingredients. These include alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), salicylic acid, strong emulsifiers and surfactants, benzoyl peroxide and organic sunscreens, such as oxybenzone, avobenzone and octinoxate. Silicones are used safely on all forms of sensitive skin, including that resulting from acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, post-surgery, burns, diaper rash and skin ulcers.

Myth No. 6: Silicones are allergens.

Silicones are too large to enter the skin, so they cant trigger an allergic reaction because they cant react with the immune system. In fact, theyre so biologically inert when in contact with the skin, silicones are now replacing latex, a common allergen in adhesives, gloves and a wide array of other items. Silicones are also used on open wounds because they shorten healing time and do not promote bacterial growth.

If you have clients who are convinced they are allergic to silicones, rather than avoid silicone-containing products, suggest an allergy test. Because silicones dont cause skin allergies, a new world of care will open up to your clients when silicone allergy is disproven.

Myth No. 7: Silicones arent natural.

Silicone science starts with sand, also known as silica. Made of finely ground quartz rock, sand is composed of the two most abundant elements in and on the earth: oxygen and silicon. Together, they form roughly 25% of the Earths crust.1 Natural silicon-based materials have been part of human survival since the Stone Age: The stones that made up the key survival technologies from that eraincluding arrowheads, bowls and grinding stoneswere formed from flint, granite, sandstone, volcanic rock or other silicon dioxide-based materials. Later, two other silicon dioxide technologies, glass and ceramics, improved mankinds lot even more.

Many people get confused when it comes to the different terms used to describe silicones, so heres a guide.

Silicon. Fourteenth on the periodic table, this is the second most abundant element on earth and the key element in silicone chemistry.
Silica. Made of silicon dioxide, silica exists in a fairly pure state in sand, which is the key source material for silicone production. When listed as a cosmetic ingredient, silica represents silicon dioxide, not silicone.
Silicone. See myth No. 1.
Myth No. 8: Silicones contribute to smog.

The chemicals that contribute to smog are volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These include acetone, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, methacrylates and ethyl acetate, found in fragrances, as well as nail and hair products. Because silicones are inorganic, they cant possibly be VOCs, so they cant contribute to smog formation.

Myth No. 9: Silicones make skin greasy.

If thats the case, your client is using the wrong formula for her skin. Most silicones are invisible when theyre resting on the skin, and some actually absorb sebum and mattify the skin, visibly minimizing pores in the process.

Myth No. 10: Silicones suffocate the skin.

Silicones are breathable: They allow oxygen, nitrogen and water vapors to pass through them on the way to, or out of, the skin. However, most silicones do not allow water to penetrate, making them excellent at reducing transepidermal water loss (TEWL)a leading cause of skin dryness and dehydration.

Myth No. 11: Silicones clog pores and cause breakouts.

Because they are unaffected by oxidation, silicones are noncomedogenic, do not go rancid and, because they are not irritating, they are nonacnegenic. Theyre also hostile to bacterial or other microbial growth. However, they can increase the penetration of some ingredients, which, when the product includes common irritants, such as fragrance or pore-cloggers like lipid-rich plant oils, may be the actual culprits behind breakouts and blackheads.

Myth No. 12: Silicones bioaccumulate in humans and other animals.
page 4 of 5

Silicones do not bioaccumulate because they are too large to pass through cell membranesa key requirement for bioaccumulation. Tests on organisms that dwell in water, soil or sediment have shown no adverse effects at concentrations well above those found in the environment2, nor are silicones metabolized by humans, other animals or microorganisms.

Silicones are:

Impermeable to the skins barrier and cell membranes;
Environmentally degradable; and
Hostile to microbial growth.
And thats the bottom line on silicones in skin care.


1. AJ OLenick, Silicones for Personal Care, 2nd Edition, Allured Publishing Corp., Carol Stream, IL (2008)

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Hitting the ground running …

and then splatting on your face!

So, I took my 9 days at the beach and came back ready to hit the ground running.

I’d taken the down time to do a bit of processing, networking, making plans and ideas and came back ready to have it all happen. I was ready, willing and able.

I woke up Sunday after driving 7 hours and was really energized. Ready to go … by Thursday I was lethargic. LOL.

As they say  … sometimes the best laid plans …

Here it is Friday and I’m scrambling just like I was before I left. I had plans to get it together and I knew it was going to be a bit of an adjustment. However, I thought that I had it set up so that my adjustment would be me shifting differently, not doing the same ol’ same ol’.

So, I am breathing. Deep breaths. Stepping back, checking out and making a list … then diving back in.

Plan C is coming into play.  Because, I’m ready.

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